About Granite kitchen worktops

Granite is a natural stone it is classed as an igneous rock, made from cooled magma as it rises to the surface of the earth. As the magma cools it forms crystals that add to the beauty of a polished granite worktop.

Natural minerals in the rock create the unique colours, textures and veining found in granite. Colours range through from black, blue, green, red, brown, gold and white. Some have subtle changes in colour and pattern while others have bold colour changes and striking natural patterns.

It is a beautiful long lasting hygienic material, ideally suited to countertops and worktops in the kitchen or bathroom. It is waterproof, virtually stain resistant, heat resistant and very tough.

Your kitchen worktops need to be durable and easy to look after granite will maintain it’s diamond polish sheen for years and is easy to look after, it just wipes clean.

Cosmic Black
Ivory Pink
Balmoral Red
Angola Black
Baltic Brown
Tan Brown
Blue in the Night
Star Galaxy
Africa Black
Kashmir White
Steel Grey
Bianco Antico
Emerald Blue
Giallo Veneziano
Giallo Imperial
Verde Tropical
Saphire Brown
Labrador Antique
Verde Ubatuba
Dakota Mahogany
Blue Pearl
Bon Accord
Ikon Brown
Colonial White